Experimental results

Typical results obtained in the experiment are shown below. All graphs depict the voltage spectral density S in V2/Hz as a function of frequency f in Hz, in log-log scale. The temperature corresponding to each graph is also indicated.

Spectral density at room temperature
296 K
195 K
Spectral density at 77K
77 K.
Spectral density at 4K
4.2 K.
Fig. 3.1 Typical measured spectral densities S.

Amplifier gain as a function of frequency

Measured gain as function of frequency.
Fig.3.2 This shows how the gain of our amplifier G changes with the frequency f. The red line shows the 4 kHz frequency while the black line shows the value of the gain set up in the instrument (10,000). The value of the gain in the region from 1kHz to 3kHz is constant and is only 5% higher than the nominal value.
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